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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

The Illustrious Clients Third Case-Notes
Andy and Shelly Gage, Editors

This third volume of the Case-Notes series features many scholarly and humorous writings by one of the nation's oldest and most enthusiastic scions, The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis. Since the first Illustrious Clients Casebook in 1947, The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis has been a "publishing scion." In 1983, the Clients inaugurated a new book series with The Illustrious Clients Case-Notes. This series was to have one important difference from the Casebook series in that it was to be strictly home-grown. All contributions would be from members of the society. In 1999, the second title in the series appeared. The Illustrious Clients Second Case-Notes debuted, bringing fifteen critically acclaimed essays into print.

Since then, Illustrious Clients members have continued to write articles and papers for both publication and presentation at meetings. This new material is now gathered here for the first time in You Know My Methods, Watson: The Illustrious Clients Third Case-Notes.

118 pp., illustrated, soft cover, $19.95